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About RISE Tutors

We provide lessons in Luton, London, Norwich and the surrounding areas


RISE Tutors have gained a reputation over the last couple of years in helping students achieve exceptional results in a very short period of time. As an orgnanisation, we are proud about the services we provide to the community.

We conduct one to one and group sessions. These lessons can be conducted at your home or our location. Group sessions consist of no more than five students. In addition to paid lessons, free lessons are available to students experiencing extenuating financial problems. For more information about these results, please get in touch with us.

Our tutors are qualified to the teach in their respective fields and are CRB checked.

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We understand that chosing a tutor is something that needs careful consideration. Sometimes students end up unsatisfied with their tutors. However, we are confident that you will enjoy our lessons and to make things easy our first lesson is free. There is no obgliation for you to continue with the lessons if you feel so.



Our tutors are not there to fill the time. They will be focused on your needs as a student and will make sure they will teach you something new every lesson. We will not drag the lessons and always move at a pace at which you are comfortable.

We will give you a money back guarantee on all our lessons. What this means is if you are not satisfied with the quality of our teaching, you will not pay for the lessons.

We conduct one to one sessions as well as group sessions. Group sessions consist of no more than five students.

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Click here for the Level 2, 5-week Public Speaking Course brochure.

Click here to access our Beginner's Manual.

Click here to access our Level 1 Improvisation Manual.

Click here to access our Level 1 Public Speaking Course Manual


Our students come from a range of backgrounds.

Each lesson is made specific to the students to suit their learning styles.

Our students often say that we are patient and understanding.

Getting good grades mean a good career path. We have helped many students to move into very good career paths.

Our team

Our tutors

All our tutors are qualified in the subjects they teach and are CRB checked. All our tutors will have at least three years of tutoring experience either in a classroom or one to one. We will send you the details of your tutor before you start.