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  • Job Description

    Design tutorial videos, each lasting between 5 minutes to 20 minutes on various A Level Chemistry topics. Each video should aim to cover that particular topic, explaining complex idea in simple ways. The video can take any format as long as it is professional, of high quality and able to successfully cover the learning objectives. You are not required to show your face in the video. However, to make the explaining more effective, you can either use a graphic tablet (we will provide you with one) or use pen and paper with a camera focused on it. You may use any other approach you prefer such as standing infront of a white board and explaining the topic while writing on it.

    The videos you create will be made available for students to view on a brand new website we will be launching in the near future. Our aim is to give students free access to these videos so they can learn in their own time. We will be promoting the work nationwide and internationally.

    Your hours will vary in this job. Once you have been selected, we will send you a list of topics we would like you to cover. We expect that the first task will require you to create around 2 hours worth of video. Once this has been successfully completed, we will assign you another set of topics within two weeks time.

    Once we cover the Advanced Level Specification, we will be moving on to cover the GCSE specification! We also aim to introduce other subjects as we go along.

    This job will lead you on to more exciting opportunities.


    We will pay you 60 GBP for one hour worth of video. We are looking to cover the entire Advanced Level specification as we go along.


    To Apply for this position, you need to have an A / A* in Chemistry and at least 2 B's or higher in other subjects at Advanced Level. We also require at least 5 A grades at GCSE. Previous teaching experience preferred although not essential.

    To Apply

    Please send us a 10 minute video on the topic "Chemical Equilibrium". Your video should aim to achieve the following objectives:

    - Explain the term "Chemical equilibrium"

    - Using an example equation, explain the effect of changing different factors on the position of equilibrium

    You may refer to OCR or AQA A Level specifications to get an idea about the areas you need to address in your video. Your video will be assessed on the following areas: ability to explain complex ideas in simple ways (making your explanations fun will keep the attention of the viewers), the quality and suitability of the notes you make in your video, creativity throughout the video, structure and organisation of the content (including sign posting).

    At this stage, we will only use the video to assess your ability to explain ideas. You will not be assessed on the video's picture quality; whether you use a 2 megapixel camera or a 8 megapixel camera really does not matter! You can use the camera on your phone for example. Note that your video will only be viewed by the chief selector and will be deleted once a decision has been made. It will never be shared online or shown to anybody else.

    Along with the video, please send us your CV. Please forward your video and CV to us on

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All our tutors are qualified in the subjects they teach and are CRB checked. All our tutors will have at least three years of tutoring experience either in a classroom or one to one. We will send you the details of your tutor before you start.