Job opportunity

  • A Level Chemistry Book Editor

    We are looking for an editor to edit a 200 A4 page length book on A Level Chemistry. We will forward this book for certification by one of the major exam boards in the UK and therefore we need to make sure it is at a high standard when completed. This job is suitable for graduates or PhD students.

    Job Description

    About this title: Written for the OCR specification, this book will contain 500 Questions and Answers along with a small revision guide at the start.

    You will have around 10 days to go over the content and make any corrections where necessary. We will send you the completed work on the 15th of July. We would be able to send the work over as a PDF and you would be required to make the corrections on a word file indicating the page number. We will provide you with further information later on.

    We will acknowledge your contribution as the editor. It is worth mentioning that this title will be sold internationally and your name would appear next to the author's name on websites such as Amazon.


    This job is suitable for a graduate or a PhD student and we would like to give this opportunity for the right candidate. We have already had an examiner correct some of the content. However, since then some new content has been added and we need to make sure that they are free from errors.

    We will initially pay you 50 GBP before you start the work. Once you return a quarter of the completed work, we will then review it and decide if we like to proceed with you based on the corrections you have made. If we like the work, you will be able to continue with the rest and we will pay you 50 GBP after three quarters has been completed and another 50 GBP when the book has been checked as a whole.

    Qualifications and Experience

    Degree in Chemistry or equivalent.

    Knowledge and / or experience with A Level Chemistry is highly desirable.

    To Apply

    Please email us at with your CV and a brief covering letter.

    If we decide to take your application to the next step, we will send you two questions and ask you to correct them / enhance them to suit the A Level style of questions. Your work will then be assessed and we will write to confirm if you have been selected.



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